How much does it cost?
Your individualised nutrition programme is $160 per month (NZD) with a 13 week initial commitment.We also ask for a initial consultation and set up fee of $150. As mentioned earlier, this is not a ‘quick fix’ fad diet type thing and we want you to see the results that come with a lifestyle change, as well as set you up for success.

Do I have to join a gym?
Not if you don’t want to! Your individual plan will be set up based on your currently activity level. There may be some prescribed exercise in your plan depending on what your current activity level is, however this will be made to fit with your lifestyle and doable with whatever you have access to. 

I don't know about calories and macronutrients - does this mean I cannot sign up?
No way! Our roles as a coaches is to teach. And the macro thing is easy to teach online, so don't worry - we gotcha ;)

Do I have to stop eating chocolate/ drinking alcohol/ drinking coffee?
Short answer; no. 

Longer answer; your plan is about balance. So while these foods will absolutely not be off limits, we will encourage you mostly choose food that will nourish you and provide your body with the micronutrients it needs to feel fabulous. That said, nothing is not allowed and that will be your choice to make on what foods you eat to fit into your plan.

What if I want to do this with my friend, partner, husband?
If you have someone you would like to share this journey with – GREAT! We offer 50% off the initial sign up fee if you two are living in the same household.

When will I notice results?
The answer everyone wants to know! This is different for everyone and will depend on many factors such as previous diet experience, your commitment to your plan and, the one we would all love to change – genetics! As a guide most of my clients start to notice changes within the first month, and after the initial 12 week commitment are well on their way to making progress towards their goals.

I’m an athlete who needs to be a certain weight for an event/competition –
can you help?

Absolutely. Your personalised plan will be set up specifically for your goals. If that means making a certain weight class for a sport then that’s what we will work towards together.

Are there group coaching options available?
If you are interested in a nutrition information session for a workplace, gym, school or other group, please contact us directly here and let's have a chat about your specific needs. 


Why online training?

The beauty of technology allows a platform that has no location boundaries - which is great for both you as a client, and our coaches. Here's why:

Location is no barrier. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can email your coach or Skype them and discuss any issues you may have. The cool thing about this is - no excuses! And, consistency gets results, so no matter where you are you and your coach can keep chatting. Isn't that great?! 

You can message your coach anytime. Out to dinner and not sure what to eat or what the best option is? Flick your coach a message - your experienced coach is bound to have experienced something similar. Away on holiday and not sure what exercise you can do? Email your coach and they will give you something!

Also - all our coaches have been there, there is nothing you can throw their way that they haven't come across!

Guidance: From someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. And has been where you are right now. A successful body transformation is just as much, if not more, the psychology as it is the physiology, and a big part of understanding the psychology is to have been and done what you're preaching.

Ongoing support: You have direct access to your coach via email.

Knowledge and education: Want to know why your coach programmed your training a certain way? Why they have given you a certain amount of carbs, protein and fats? What supplements work and what don't? Once you have this knowledge, you'll keep it for life and be able to maintain your great results. No more Yo-Yo dieting or falling for fads.

And most importantly: Awesome results – that will leave you healthy and confident in yourself. Which is pretty cool too.


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