Our Vision

Coach and support people to feel great by making changes to achieve their lifestyle goals.


The story of Feel Great

Feel Great is much more than just a nutrition plan.

Our logo represents an iconic place in New Zealand; Mount Maunganui, surrounded by the sun. This is where Feel Great was founded. The lifestyle here is one of health, fitness and doing things that make you feel great from the inside out.

The three triangles within the logo signify the ‘three pillars of health’. Our coaches work with our clients to embed these pillars with sustainable habits

  • Nutrition: what we eat. This is the foundation.

  • Fitness: how we move. To support healthy living.

  • Performance: how we think. Because our mind controls a lot of our actions and how we react to situations and concepts. Understanding how to own our thoughts is hugely powerful in being successful.

We start with the basics and build on each pillar throughout an individuals health journey.